blubPhone Version 1.2 released on 09 Sept 2012!

New Features:

What is blubPhone?

blubPhone is an application for ubuntu systems for sending sms.

The sms will appear as if they were sent directly from your mobile phone. They even appear in your list of sent sms on your phone. Furtheremore, you can see all sms conversations you have on your phone in a neat, well-arranged way. Also incoming sms will appear directly in the application, when the connection with your smartphone is active.

What do you need?

  1. Android App: available at the Google Play Store or you can directly download it by scanning the following QR-Code with your smartphone.
  2. Ubuntu App: Available for download here.
  3. Active WLAN on your smartphone!


  1. Open the Android blubPhone application on your smartphone.
  2. Activate your WLAN Connection.
  3. Open the Ubuntu blubPhone application.
  4. A list of device, which were found, is shown. Choose your smartphone.
  5. Generate a password with the android app and enter it in the designated textfield.
  6. Press connect. If the connection is successfully established, you will see a button to disconnect the devices.


Android App

Ubuntu App


Manuela Weilharter
Markus Lanner